Issue 10: SHUFFLE Concert

By Thomas Deneuville

This NY-based ensemble performs music à la carte: You will never experience the same concert twice.

Where are you based?

New York City.

When was the ensemble founded?



Well, in SHUFFLE Concert’s original form, a computer program was supposed to randomly selected the pieces performed, simulating the shuffle mode on an MP3 player. That was quickly changed into the concept of letting the audience decide which pieces would create the program.

So do you have some sort of menu?

The repertoire at a given concert includes 30-35 pieces (which keep changing between concerts, we haven't repeated the same menu twice…) We have commissioned over 20 arrangements, 2 original works from Jonathan Keren and Avner Dorman, we now have 3 winners from our first composition competitions (2 new oboe quartets and one killer arrangement), and of course an endless list of pieces we have performed from the traditional canon of classical works.

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