Issue 3

Issue 3: Mivos Quartet


Issue 3: Table of Contents

  • Many beginnings and one end, Thomas Deneuville
  • A celebration of Elizabeth Bishop's poetry on Centrediscs, Justin Rito
  • Late summer conversation with Gilbert Nouno, Xenia Pestova
  • Group 180: Minimalism behind the Iron Curtain, Evan Burke
  • Adventurous by nature, Ruth L. Carver
  • Moondog: notable street musician or neglected composer?, Daniel J. Kushner
  • Empyrean Atlas in rehearsal, a video by Thomas Deneuville
  • Creating a world of sound with SuperCollider, Dana Wen
  • Passing on, Don Clark
  • Gaming the music, Matt Mendez
  • Bent Frequency, Thomas Deneuville
  • New Releases, Thomas Deneuville

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