Issue 4

Issue 4: Melissa Smey


Issue 4: Table of Contents

  • Jingle Crotales, Thomas Deneuville
  • newEar's "Tours de Force": Birtwistle and Ligeti in perspective, Don Clark
  • Morton Feldman's Violin and Orchestra on ECM, Matt Mendez
  • Testklang, Daniel J. Kushner
  • Melissa Smey: Music First, Thomas Deneuville
  • Resilience and Recovery, Dana Wen
  • Patrick Grant: Making Haste Slowly, Ruth L. Carver
  • Dispatches from a Practice Room: Creating New Music, Matt Mendez
  • A Conversation with Andy Cavatorta,
  • Decoda, Thomas Deneuville
  • New Releases, Sam Reising

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