Issue 7

Issue 7: Jane Antonia Cornish


Issue 7: Table of Contents

  • Otanjoubi omedetou, Thomas Deneuville
  • The Unforced Profundity of Jacob Cooper’s _Silver Threads_, Daniel J. Kushner
  • The Arvo Pärt Project(ion), H. Paul Moon
  • A Community of Composers, Danny Clay
  • At Home in Two Worlds, Thomas Deneuville
  • Expanding the Hand's Repertoire, Nick Arner
  • Timothy Johnson's Piano Diaries, Thomas Deneuville
  • Where Is the Human Voice in New Music?, Graham Meyer
  • An Afternoon with David Friend,
  • An Experimental Alternative to Eurovision, Paul Kilbey
  • International Low Brass Trio, Thomas Deneuville

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